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Y Table Rotary 300

Product Code : 144

  • Table Top Surface Rotary ø300 MM With 12 MM Flat Slot (Or) Plain As Per Customer Request
  • 360° Rotation Of Rotary Table With Lock Fine Adjustment Upto ±5°.
  • Y-Axis Movement Achieved By M10X1MM Pitch Precision S.S Screw Rod And Brass Nut
  • Y-Axis Movement ± 60MM
  • M5 Tapped Holes On Rotary Top Plate In 75MM And 150MM Pitch
  • As Per Cutomer Request
  • 180° Marking With Vernier Plate (Vernier Reading 5Minutes)
  • T-Nut with flower knob and suitable tenon
  • Tapped Holes 4 No’S With Eye Bolt For Lifting The Table With 2 No’S ø12 Rod
  • Top, middle & Bottom plate are steel material’s with Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Top rotary in Aluminium material with anodized.
  • Total Weight Of The Table – 52.7 Kg
  • Complete With Instrument Case