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All Products :: Work Holding Accessories :: P.Code 122 Spl Swing Table-20 Kg

Spl Swing Table-20 Kg

Product Code : 122

  • Worm gear anti fall design
  • Angle of Tilt ±40°
  • Weight carrying capacity – 20 kg
  • Top surface 300 x 275 with v-slot by fixed with adaptor plate
  • Adaptor top surface 73mm slot to be provided for using  100mm precision HD vice
  • Worm gear in phosphor bronze and worm shaft in stainless steel
  • Aluminium materials to be anodised and front cover en8 finished by electroless nickel plating
  • Y table top surface 200×200 mm.
  • Y- axis movement achieved by precision screw rod M10x1.5P with box nut
  • T- nut with flower knob and suitable tenon & keeper plate.
  • Tenon & t-nut as per machine slot dimensions.
  • Complete with instrument case.