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Column & Base With Ultra Y

Product Code : 232

  • Granite Surface L-630 B-300 T-50 Mm
  • Precision Aluminium Column On 90X45MM With All Side Teflon Pad Movement
  • Up & Down Movement Acheived By Precision Screw Rod With Brass Nut
  • Height Of Column 456MM, Usable Height 350MM
  • Guiding Strip Used To Align The Stylus Axis By Adjusting The Column And Locking From Bottom
  • Job Holdind Plate 148X148X14Mm Used As Setting Piece
  • Suitable Daptor Plate For Mounting Drive Unit With Additional Y- Axis Cross Slide On Cross Roller Bearing And 25MM Micrometer Head With ±12.5MM Movement
  • Side Keeper Plate For Butting Reference
  • 4-No 65X65X25 AV Pad In The Bottom Of The Base
  • Y-slide Min. Height from base – 40mm.