Accessories for Surface Finish, Contour and Cylindricity Testers for Zeiss TSK, Mahr, Mitutoyo, Kosaka, Hommel, Hexagon, Brown & Sharpe, Taylor Holson
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AVT-Contracer Mitutoyo

  • For Contracer CV-2100 M4 / N4, CV-3200 H4 / H8 and CV-4500 H4 / H8

Product Code : 85a

  • Table surface area: L-760 B-610 H-767 mm.
  • Granite base of size: L-750 B-600 T-30 mm.
  • 60×60 mm hr tubular structure.
  • 4 no’s dlp3 at ground level.
  • 8 no’s av pad between structure and granite base.
  • 4 no’s – 3” wheel.
  • Cable manager in rear side, power strip in rear & drawing pouch L.H side.
  • Front double door.
  • Wrap around construction.
  • Front keyboard panel provided for placing keyboard & mouse over the surface.
  • Powder coat color as per customer specification.
  • Instrument sticker